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Is the test covered by insurance?

For indivuals with symptoms or have been exposed, please check wiht your insurance on the coverage of your plan. If you are testing for travel, generally most insruance do not cover this cost.

How long does it take to get results?

You can find a rapid turnaround time as early as 10 minutes, and PCR turnaround time as early as 30 minutes

How much does it cost?
  • Rapid Antibody as low as $68
  • Rapid Antigen as low as $88
  • PCR Nasal 30 Min Results as low as $299
  • PCR Saliva 90 Min Results as low as $249
  • PCR Nasal 4-6 Hours Results as low as $199
  • PCR Nasal 24-48 Hours Results as low as $111
  • Combo 90 Min PCR + Antigen as low as $299
  • Combo 24 Hour PCR + Antigen as low as $222
When is it best to take a PCR test?

The saliva PCR is best for determining an active viral infection. It is the most accurate for asymptomatic COVID-19 cases and if you have symptoms. It is not the best test if you are looking to see if you have had a past infection with COVID-19.

Is the test FDA EUA authorized?


Can I buy antigen for at home use for myself and family?


How do I get results?

Results are emailed as soon as they become available.

Can I eat before taking a test?

Yes for all tests except, Do not eat, drink smoke, or chew gum for 30 minutes prior to collecting a saliva PCR sample (water is ok).

What if an employee tests positive?

Depending on how closely your employees work together, we reccomend if there is a positive case in the workplace that everyone who was exposed gets tested.

Can my employee participate if they test negative but are showing symptoms of COVID?

Anyone can test for COVID whether they are experiencing symptoms or not for added peace of mind and safety in the workplace. There are rare cases where there are asymtomatic patients who test positive. If an employee is feeling sick, but doesn’t have COVID it is still reccomended that employee rest and stay home until they are feeling better.

Do employees need to test negative before returning to work?

This depends on your company’s COVID policy. We reccomend that after an employee test positive that they wait 5 days after they are no longer experiencing sympotoms and test negative before retuning to work.

If someone tests positive can we retest them?


How accurate is the testing?

PCR~ 98%

Rapid Testing~ 97%

How do we get to your clinic? Your address took me/us into the mall

We are located in the bank of hawaii at ala moana. We are on the mountain side and attached to the mall not in the mall. If you can find Target and Planet fitness ( if on ground level) Bank of hawaii is accross the street.

If you are in the mall we are located on the second level of the mall find Harry Winston and Genki sushi ( face the parking lot) and we are located in the tall white building. Cross the street into the white tall building thats the 3rd level of the bank of hawaii building go through the double sliding doors and you’ll find us in room 312

Where is the QR code your website states you provide them?

We provide you a travel certificate and PDF results that you will use to upload on to your travel app or website required by your destination. You will need to fill out all information and upload documents that are required once you are completed. You shall then receive an email with a QR code. You may also contact your airlines and ask what you need to do to get a QR code.

Why are your testings not free and not covered by insurance? Do you offer free testing and/or is it covered by insurance?

We are not funded by the government so our services are out of pocket cost. We do have information for you to use on a reimbursify app. When you come into our office we can provide you the insurance codes to input.

Do you accept walk in?

Yes, We do. (We also ask since we have them on the phone what day they are looking at ) and try to see if we can book them an appointment.

Do you have services where you come to us? Do you offer mobile services?

Yes, We do provide a mobile service. We ask what type of test they are in need of then we let them know there is a surcharge attached to the testing fee +Tax. We get their information and time and location needing to get tested. We also ask for their payment method.

How much does it cost?

We add a service charge of $50 to our current pricies for mobile testing.

How long does it take to get results?

Rapid results as quick as 15 mintues and PCR as quick as 30 minutes.

Do all my employees have to go to your site?

No, with our corpoate packages, we come to you and provide safe testing options like parking lot testing for an employee outbreak.

What if an employee tests positive?

We reccomend they take a PCR test to confirm if they took antigen. If they are positive, then we reccomend they quarentine and seek medical assistance if they need further care.


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